How much does it cost to start your lash business?

Starting a lash business is not difficult, as long as you have enough funds.

Do you want to start 3D mink lashes wholesale business? Or want to know how much it costs to start an eyelash company?

If you have ideas in this area, but don’t know how much it will cost.

Today Monica Lashes will teach you step by step to start your lash wholesale business with a small budget and find your eyelash supplier.

lash business

Before starting lash business, you should know how much budget you have or how much you want to spend on the eyelash business.

So different budgets have different plans.

If I have $200, can I start my business?


If I have $100, can I start my business?


lash business

The first step is to find your eyelash supplier

The first step is to choose your Eyelashes Vendor and choose the best Lashes Wholesale in the market.

You should know which style is the most popular 3D mink eyelashes on the market. You should start with popular styles, because they are easy to sell out and will get your money back soon.

Therefore, “3D mink eyelashes” are the most popular eyelashes on the market. You should start selling from “mink eyelashes” or “false mink eyelashes” because they are “luxury eyelashes”, fluffy, vivid, soft and comfortable.

There are 13-18mm natural mink hair,20mm 3D mink hair and 25mm mink eyelashes wholesale on the market.

You should understand the market,which style your customers like,so you should buy the products your customers love.

If you don’t know which style to buy, it is recommended that you start testing the market with each style, because different customers have different tastes.

After this you will know which style is the most popular mink eyelash wholesale, and you can make a perfect order when you place an order.

lash bussiness

Second, your cost.

When you decide to wholesale eyelashes, you can tell your supplier your budget, and they will provide you with the eyelash catalog and calculate the cost for you.

Depending on the quality and style The price of 16-20mm natural 3d mink hair is 3.5-4.2 USD, and the price of 25mm false eyelashes is 3.5-4.5 USD.

This is only a small quantity wholesale, a large quantity wholesale price is much cheaper, if you need a large quantity wholesale you can contact your false eyelash supplier and get a very competitive wholesale price.

lash bussiness

Third,the cost of eyelash Box.

You have two options

The first one, you can make a regular box.

If the budget is large, you should make “eyelash custom packaging” to build your own eyelash brand.

Before making eyelashes, you should have your own logo and brand name.

If you do custom packaging for eyelashes, you should start from 50 or 100 boxes. You can order in bulk or in small quantities from us.

If you don’t have an eyelash logo, you can choose Emma eyelashes as your mink wholesaler.

Our designers will design for you for free. We will help you start your eyelash business step by step, and we will do more than you think.

There is a second option, if your budget is not that much, but you buy eyelashes from us, we will provide you with eyelash boxes for free.

If you make a Custom Lashes Box, it will be much more expensive than ordinary boxes. Depending on the craftsmanship and quantity, the price will be between US$2and US$2.2

Fourth,the shipping cost.

Transportation costs are calculated based on weight and volume. After purchase, the wholesale eyelash merchant will calculate the shipping cost for you.

After you purchase, you can ask the eyelash supplier for detailed shipping costs.

Of course, the more you order, the cheaper the price of each eyelash.

If you order 10 pairs, you should pay a shipping fee of $25. If you order 20 pairs, they still cost $25.

You should buy more eyelashes to avoid wasted shipping money.

Fifth,Cost of Website.

If you want to build your own eyelash brand, you should have your own website and you can do this work through Fiverr App.

Sixth, advertising cost.

After buying eyelashes, you should let your market understand your business next.

If you are just starting an eyelash business, I suggest you can sell them through social media such as INS, FB, YouTube, Pinterest, etc. You will get more and more customers.

Most bloggers on this free social media are very successful. The most important thing is free!

lash bussiness

If you have any questions or needs, you can contact us

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