How much does it cost to start eyelashes business?

There are many women who want to start their own eyelashes business, but you don’t want to spend too much money, so this article by Monica Lashes today I will help you how to start your own eyelash line with the least amount of money.

I will show you the fastest way to start your own eyelash business.

eyelash business
eyelashes business

Calculation of the cost of eyelashes business


In the beginning, you don’t need to order a lot of eyelashes, because if you don’t sell them, the risk will be high and will squeeze too much cost. So you can buy 30 eyelashes first, and then mix 5 popular eyelash styles. Each eyelash costs US$2-4.5, and the length of eyelashes is different, so the cost of eyelashes is US$60-135.


If you want to start your own eyelash line, you can choose custom eyelash packaging, which can make your eyelash business better, because you have your own eyelash brand packaging. Beautiful eyelash packaging can not only impress customers, Remembering your eyelash brand to help you promote it can also protect your eyelashes.

Even if you don’t have your own logo, don’t worry, Monica Lashes has a professional design team to help you design the logo you want for free.

Dear, if you don’t have much budget, Monica Lashes will also provide you with free eyelash packaging boxes, and also provide you with free customized services. You only need to spend the cost of eyelashes and shipping, which will greatly save your costs.

If you order a custom eyelash packaging box, the minimum order quantity is 20, and the price is $1-$2.2, so your cost is $20-$44.


Usually the shipping fee depends on the weight and volume of the product.

If you order 30 eyelashes and 30 customized eyelash boxes, the shipping will be 20-30.

Dear, if you are still looking for an eyelash supplier, please don’t miss us

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