How much does custom lash boxes cost?

custom lash boxes are becoming more and more important in the eyelash business, and more and more customers choose to customize their own eyelash packaging boxes.

Why is custom lash boxes so important?

Because eyelash packaging can not only protect the 3D mink eyelashes from damage, but the exquisite customized eyelash packaging box can also attract more customers.

One of the biggest functions of the eyelash packaging box is publicity!

You can add your personal information on the back of the eyelash box, such as Facebook account information, Instagram account information, etc.

When your customer runs out of eyelashes, they will definitely see your message on the eyelash box and will buy again.

Monica Lashes is a professional eyelash supplier, we have hundreds of different styles of boxes.

Different styles of boxes have different prices, the more the quantity, the lower the price.

No matter what style of box you want, we can make it.

Our boxes have many styles, such as a box that can hold a pair of eyelashes, two pairs, three pairs of eyelash boxes, and so on. There is also a packaging box that can hold eyelashes, glue, tweezers, and if you require it, you can also bring a mirror!

lash packaging

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Monica Lashes is located in Qingdao, Shandong Province, China. It is a very professional eyelash supplier. As an eyelash supplier, our company has more than ten years of experience. If you are still looking for eyelash vendors, please do not miss Monica Lashes.

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