How many eyelash suppliers in the market

eyelash supplier

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eyelash supplier

Types of eyelash suppliers

Eyelash suppliers are those who provide eyelashes in the market at wholesale or retail prices.

The first supplier

They produce their own eyelashes and have their own eyelash factory.

If you cooperate with them, you can get good wholesale prices for bulk ordering.
But the MOQ of some factories will be very high, but you don’t have enough funds, so you can have the second option

Second supplier

They buy mink eyelashes in bulk order from the eyelash factory at a very competitive wholesale price.

Then sell to eyelash distributors. They usually develop B2B business with the advantages of low prices and minimum MOQ.

Where to find eyelash suppliers?

As we said, there are many types of suppliers on the market. You can find them easily.

If you want to find eyelash vendors who offer wholesale prices. You should choose an eyelash manufacturer or an eyelash trading company.

Because you can buy eyelashes from suppliers at a competitive wholesale price, you can get greater profits from your eyelash business.

If you want to buy high-end luxury eyelashes, you should buy mink eyelashes. Mink eyelashes are handmade custom eyelashes and all eyelash factories are in developing countries.

But some eyelashes are machine-made, cheap and low-quality. So you have to choose carefully.

The best eyelashes are handmade and made from natural mink fur. Soft, fluffy, good appearance, bright and eye-catching.

Most eyelash factories are in China. If you are looking for an eyelash factory, then you will not miss China.

There are many eyelash factories in Qingdao. If you only want to buy eyelashes from an American eyelash supplier, you can directly find an American eyelash supplier. They choose eyelashes from Chinese eyelash suppliers, and you can easily buy eyelashes from them.

eyelash supplier

How to choose lashes vendor?

1.The style of lashes

There are many styles of eyelashes on the market, and eyelash catalogs can be easily obtained from mink eyelash suppliers on the market. However, you should clearly know which style is the best seller Do your customers like them

You should choose the style of eyelashes according to the market, not the style you like.

2.The quality of lashes.

Best lashes is the best brand if you do mink lashes in the market. They can easily sold out and get your money back , and they will bring more and more customer to your business line.

3.Best service.

A good lashes vendor should be a guider, and tell you what you can do , and what you can’t do .

A good eyelashes vendors also do what you need instead of what your ask them do , they should do everything they can do for you . And help you open the market with top grade luxury mink lashes and service.

So if your sales are following down, you should pay attention to your lashes , service, and lashes vendor, and your sale strategy.

A good lashes vendor should be your partner, your friend, and your fighter.

4.Do eyelash custom packaging box for you.

Most eyelash suppliers make customized eyelash packaging for you Just put your logo in the box. That’s it.

But we can meet any needs according to your ideas. We can provide you with patient and patient products.

The most important thing is that our MOQ is very low, we just help our customers to test the market with the MOQ and very little money.

Many suppliers have high MOQ, which is not suitable for you who are preparing to start eyelash business for the first time.

Our own designers are skilled designers who serve customers with patience and enthusiasm.

3D mink eyelashes

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