How do you use eyelash glue pen?

Do you know how to used eyelash glue pen?

Many girls find that after wearing eyelashes, but they are not as perfect as they thought. Why? The big reason may be that you did not wear and use eyelash glue pen correctly.

The first step requires preparatory work

Trim the eyelashes according to the length of your eyes. Not every pair of eyelashes is very suitable for your eyes, so you need to adjust the length of the eyelashes yourself.

Make sure your eyelids are clean and free of grease. You can use non-oil-based cleaners for this purpose.

If you use mascara, apply mascara first, and then wear false eyelashes. This will help you make the most of reusable eyelashes!

Finally, you need to roll each eyelash on your finger for 1 minute. This will help them shape and will help them shape and prevent their heads from lifting.

Note on using lash glue pen.

The second step is to use the eyelashes glue pen!

Our lash glue has two colors, black and transparent. Black glue can be used as an eyeliner. It is a combination of eyelash glue and eyeliner.

First, you need to shake it a few times before using it.

Like any ordinary eyeliner, apply glue on the lash line. Add a touch more liner to the inner and outer corners for extra hold.

Start applying the eyelashes from the inner corner, and then gently press along the lash line to hold the eyelashes in place. Adjust as needed. Pinch and press down near the root of the eyelashes to secure it.

And need to clean the remaining cosmetics regularly. Remember to close the lid after use, this will also prevent the glue from drying out!

The last step is to remove the eyelashes.

When removing, detach your 3D Mink Lashes slowly from the outer corners.

After removing the eyelashes, you can use our cleansing oil and cotton pad to wipe off the adhesive, and use tweezers to remove the remaining glue.

After each use, put the mink fur wholesaler back in its tray to maintain its shape. The absence of hard leather glue means that it will be great to wear it immediately after removal!

Honey, be sure to clean the glue pen on time. Be sure to shake it a few times before use.

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