Monica Lashes is currently the best lash vendor.We are an eyelash supplier with many years of experience, if you choose us as your supplier, then we must be your best partner.

Why are we your best partner? Because we can help you earn more money, and we only provide quality eyelashes.

What Is The Mink?

Monica mink lashes are made of 100% natural sterile mink. Our minks are cruelty and are harvested when the mink animals naturally fall off. We do not add any chemicals or dyes to the eyelashes to make them light and hypoallergenic. We only source the highest quality mink for our mink eyelashes.

Do you wholesale eyelashes?

Yes, we wholesale mink eyelashes.

Monica Lashes have own mink eyelash manufacturers and conducts bulk wholesale.We not only have our own eyelash factory, but also have many mature workers and well-known designers to design our eyelash styles. We continue to work hard and innovate, just to give everyone the best quality and most unique eyelashes.

Why are we the best lash vendor?

Because we can ship products to all over the world and all our eyelashes have undergone strict quality inspections, which can guarantee the quality.

express delivery

DHL and Federal Express.

payment method

PayPal and Western Union.

How to place an order?

Tell me, the style and quantity of eyelashes you want, the requirements for the box (whether to add logo, brand name, etc.) and your country, we will send you an invoice and ship it immediately after payment.

How should I take care of my mink eyelashes?

1.Do not use oily cleansing oil.

2.Remove it before going to bed.、

3.After removing, please use tweezers or fingers to carefully remove excess glue.

4.Always store the false eyelashes in the original eyelash tray to maintain its shape and facilitate the next wear.

Dear, if you want to start your own eyelash business, you can contact us WhatsApp+8613678896516, we will definitely be your best partner.

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