Eyelash tweezers

In addition to wholesale eyelashes and eyelash boxes, monica lashes also wholesales other eyelash tools. Including eyelash tweezers and eyelash brush. These tools help customers use and clean eyelashes. Therefore, lashes tweezers and eyelash brushes are essential tools for eyelash lovers.

monica lashes offers various styles of eyelash tweezers. We also provide customized service of eyelash tweezers. Including customer brand LOGO design and printing customer brand LOGO on eyelash tweezers. At present, our lashes tweezers have 16 colors for customers to choose from. They are rose gold, gold, holographic, black, rose red, purple, blue, orange, yellow, bright red, gradient pink, gradient green, gradient orange, gradient yellow, gradient blue and gradient purple. Of course, if customers have other styles they like, they can send us the sample pictures. Our factory will produce their lashes tweezers specifically for customers.

Eyelash brushes

monica lashes offers eyelash brushes in 9 colors. They are white, yellow, pink, fuchsia, purple, green, sky blue, dark blue and black. After our investigation, we found that the price of our eyelash brushes is lower than any eyelash wholesaler! If you choose to wholesale eyelashes from us, we are even happy to give away these eyelash brushes for free. It will definitely let you see our sincerity and believe in our strength.

We are preparing for more eyelash tools, so stay tuned! If you have good suggestions for new products, please contact us:WhatsApp:+8613678896516

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