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Monica Lashes Custom Eyelash Glue

Monica Lashes In order to meet the needs of most customers, we have launched an Eyelash Glue pen!!!!!!!!!

Through continuous research and experimentation, Monica changed the traditional bottled eyelash glue bottle design to the shape and packaging of an eyelash glue pen.

Eyelash Glue
Monica Eyelash Glue Eyeliner Catalog
Eyelash Glue
1.Eyelash Glue EP01
2.Eyelash Glue EP02
Eyelash Glue
3.Eyelash Glue EP01
Eyelash Glue
4.Eyelash Glue EP04
Eyelash Glue
5.Eyelash Glue EP05
Eyelash Glue
6.Eyelash Glue EP06
Eyelash Glue
7.Eyelash Glue EP07

Eyelash glue and eyelash glue bulk wholesale supplier.

Monica Lashes is a professional eyelash glue factory ,mink lashes manufacturer and custom eyelash box supplier. Monica Lashes provides wholesale eyelash glue, which can meet your LOGO requirements for custom eyelash glue, or you can make your own brand eyelash glue.

Detailed information about our glue:

Q1:What glue is this?

Best-selling waterproof best eyelash glue pen.

Q2:What it can do?

Fix the mink eyelashes to make the whole process look more vivid.


Q4:what colour?

Transparent and black

How to use eyeliner gule pen?Important note:

Before using lash gule eyeliner pen, make sure that the eye area is free of oil. This will greatly enhance the stickiness of the eyeliner gule pen. For oily skin, keep your eyes dry and use loose powder to remove oil. Do not use cleansing oil to clean the eyelashes, as this will cause the eyelashes to spread out. The cleansing oil is strictly used to remove the adhesive from the eyelids. Do not use oil-based mascara with mink eyelashes. Pull down the lid to remove the lid. Please don’t let go of the pen. Eyelash glue pen can be used all day, but oily skin may need to be reapplied.

Our eyelash glue is the best mink eyelashes glue on the market, you can order samples to test its quality, so if you want to find the best eyelash glue beauty products, you must not miss Monica Lashes.

Monica only provides the best lash glue. Providing customers with high-quality products is our eternal goal.If you need high quality eyelash glue pen, you can contact us and add our WhatsApp+8613678896516

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