Do you konw where to buy eyeliner glue?

At present, with the popularity of eyeliner pens, lash glue pen have become one of the important eye makeup tools for girls.

Eyelash glue pen is another important tool for girls to create professional and stunning eye makeup.

Today Monica Lashes will introduce to you eyelash glue pen, which will be of great help for everyone to buy lash glue pen wholesale.

What is the eyeliner glue pen?

As we all know, gel eyeliner is a newer new eyelash tool on the market. More and more girls use gel eyelash pen instead of eyeliner and eyelash , and eyeliner glue pen is a mixture of eyeliner and eyelash glue.

The benefits of eyeliner are not only easy to use, but also very cheap to create professional eye makeup efficiently.

How much is the eyelash glue pen?

Monica Lashes is a supplier of eyelash gel pens in the United States. We provide customers with competitive wholesale prices based on quantity.

You can also buy it from Amazon. The retail price is $7.69. If you buy from us, it will be much cheaper than Amazon. This is why so many buyers are willing to choose Monica Lashes as an eyeliner supplier.

Not only can we provide customers with the cheapest wholesale prices, but we also have no minimum order quantity limit, so as long as you buy from us, you can get the best prices.

How many colors does the eyelash glue pen have?

There are two colors, black and transparent.

Can you provide customized services?

Can! ! We can provide customized services, as well as free eyelash packaging! Monica Lashes can meet any of your needs.

Dear, if you want to know more info about eyelash glue, you can click on the WhatsApp button below to contact us.

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