Do you know how yo use mink lashes?

There are many different types of eyelash brands on the market. As the first contact with mink lashes, how much do you know about part-of-speech eyelashes?

There are many different types of eyelash brands in the hot eyelash market, and they attract almost everyone who decides to improve their beautiful appearance.

Are you interested in learning about mink eyelashes?

Generally speaking, mink is a wild animal, and its fur is used for false eyelashes, eyebrow fillers, eyelash extensions, etc.

Do you know how to apply mink lashes?

First you have to apply some glue on the lash band in a gentle way, and then wait for half a minute.

This time is very important. It is necessary to obtain acceptable adhesion. Then raise your chin slightly so that your mink eyelashes are slightly higher than your natural eyelash line.

You must stick the mink eyelashes with the applicator, and then place the eyelashes until the glue dries.

Loosen the applicator in a proper way and glue the natural eyelashes and mink eyelashes together to make them blend well.

You can use your hands for this purpose and further enhance the appearance.

It is best for mink eyelashes to be well fixed on the eyelash line and kept lifted.The parts of the eyelashes that are not stuck may require additional glue to stick.

Hold the eyelashes until they are dry. Then apply some eyeliner to make the appearance more beautiful.

Please note! ! Never soak in water, apply mascara and deep clean mink eyelashes to extend the life of mink eyelashes.

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