Do you know How to order eyelash cases?

The eyelash cases can greatly increase the sales of eyelashes, not only the appearance is luxurious but also the price is low, which can attract the attention of many girls.

Dear, Monica Lashes will patiently answer the following questions. This is a great help for you to create your own eyelash packaging.

What’s the Minimum Order Quantity of Custom eyelash cases?

Different lashes suppliers have different MOQs. The minimum order quantity for Vichylashes custom eyelash packaging is 20 pcs. But There is no lower MOQ on the market.

Which Custom eyelash cases MOQ is 20PCS

Our eyelash packaging box can not only add logo on the front, but also add some information on the back.

We have hundreds of customized packaging boxes, so you can definitely choose the style you like.

eyelash boxes
eyelash boxes

Can add a logo to the inner box?

Of course, Monica Lashes can meet all the requirements of customers, and we can add logo inside the customized eyelash packaging box.But the minimum order quantity is 60, not 20.

custom packaging eyelash box vendor
custom packaging eyelash box vendor

Can the color of the box be changed?

Of course my dear, Monica Lashes’s service aim is to make customers 100% satisfied, so you can change it to your favorite color, but the MOQ is 60 pcs.

Could I name my lashes in Custom Eyelash Packaging Box.

Absolutely, the MOQ only needs 20 pairs of eyelashes and we can meet your needs, and it is free!

As an eyelash supplier with many years of experience, Monica Lashes not only provides high-quality products but also provides you with a 100% satisfactory service. If you are still looking for an eyelash supplier, please don’t miss Monica Lashes.

If you are still looking for an eyelash supplier, you can contact us WhatsApp+86 13678896516.

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