Do you know How to care for mink lashes?

Our mink eyelashes can be used repeatedly 20-25 times.But this is a prerequisite. You need to take good care of our mink eyelashes before you can use it 20-25 times. Do you know how to take care for mink lashes?

How to care for mink lashes

After we take off the 3D mink eyelashes, please try to gently remove the excess glue from the mink eyelashes with your fingers or eyelash tweezers. To remove eyelash glue, first start at the outer corner and then gently peel the glue toward the inner corner. Don’t pull the hair.

You should treat these mink eyelashes as your own. Don’t pull hard on the lash band, as this will mess up the shape of the band and loosen the hair. Finally, put your eyelashes back in the any other eyelash box you like.、

care for mink lashes

To clean your lashes, lay them flat on a paper towel and use a q-tip with a bit of warm water and gently roll it over your lashes.

We do not recommend using mascara when wearing Siberian mink eyelashes, especially waterproof mascara, because doing so will not only damage the mink hair, but also damage the shape and curl of the eyelashes.

Any makeup remover or any harsh chemicals/oils will destroy the quality of mink hair. It will destroy the gloss and damage the shape and curl.

We do not recommend any type of oil-based solution. This may damage the eyelashes of the mink, not only destroying the structure of the lash band or the eyelashes, but also repelling glue from sticking to the eyelashes during application.

Dear, here are some of our suggestions on how to care for mink lashes.

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