Do you knoe How to test your 3D mink lashes market?

Many girls want to start their own eyelashes business, but they worry about buying them back and failing to sell them successfully.Today Monica tells you how to test your 3D mink lashes market.

Make a small 3D mink lashes order.

Because you don’t know anything about style and quality, you should first place a small order to test the quantity. But if you don’t know what style to buy, Monica Eyelash carefully launched an eyelash sample pack, you can choose the sample pack.

Monica has prepared seven sample packs for everyone. For details, please click Sample Pack.

Send samples to your friends.

They will provide the best real customer reviews. If they like eyelashes, they will tell you the truth and send you real feedback. You will know which one they like and which one they dislike. This way you know which style you should buy again.

Do not order in bulk before testing the quality and market.

3D mink lashes
3D mink lashes

collect all feedback data

Over time, you may find that the styles you like are different from the styles your friends and customers like. So never judge for yourself. You should listen to the market and make different 3D mink eyelashes to test the market. Different people have different tastes.

Pass the social media test 3D mink lashes

You can take photos or videos of your eyelashes and post them on your social media to test the style.Through the comments, you can clearly know what everyone likes.

This is the most effective and cheapest way to test the market. If you want to make your eyelash business better, you should pay more attention to social media and promote products and sell them through social media.

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