Round Eyelash Package

In order to better serve customers, Monica Lashes provides custom eyelash boxes service.Monica Lashes has its own box factory, and we mainly produce lash case of various shapes. In order to better serve our customers, the eyelash supplier Monica Lashes hired a designer to help design the brand logo on the empty eyelash box and custom eyelash packaging.

The round eyelash box is the smallest and most portable box shape. Therefore, Many customers require a round mirror to be installed inside the clamshell round box. Therefore, the appearance of the circular eyelash box is no different from that of the makeup mirror, making the eyelash box more beautiful and practical.

custom eyelash boxes
custom eyelash boxes

Some information about lash case

The price of a customized eyelash packages depends on the cost of the production materials and the cumbersome degree of the production process. So we must introduce you to the materials and craftsmanship of the box. Let you clearly understand how a beautiful eyelash box is made.

First of all, there are many kinds of materials for the box. The most common and the most type of box materials we produce are mainly paper card boxes, plastic boxes, velvet boxes and special boxes (such as lizard boxes, glossy gold, silver boxes, holographic boxes). Among them, the acrylic box has extremely high transparency. The perspective rate is almost equal to that of glass. But the resistance to fragmentation is 12 to 18 times that of ordinary glass. Has good weather resistance and aging resistance.

Secondly, the process of customizing the box also has a different process. Such as printing, hot embossing, UV treatment, etc. Among them, the most common process we operate is printing. Including the printing of box colors, customized LOGO printing, customized LOGO sticker printing and so on.

Questions and Answers of Custom Eyelash Packaging

1.Q:What is the MOQ for custom eyelash packages?

A:The MOQ for custom boxes is 20.

2.Q:What can you do for custom eyelash packages?

A:We can print and gild the material of the box. Secondly, we can design customized logos for customers. And printed or pasted on the customized box.

3.Q:How long does it take to produce custom eyelash packages?

A:It takes about one to two weeks for a custom box to go from design to production. This depends on the difficulty of the specific manufacturing process.

Free eyelash package

Although the lashes are already very charming, I believe you also hope that they all have a beautiful packaging box. Here, we provide you with a variety of options such as the free most basic style eyelash package.

Our free boxes are available in 5 styles, all made of paper card boxes. Patterns are white marble, black marble, golden laser, pink and silver laser.If you like these styles of boxes, we can send them to you for free!

eyelash packaging boxes suppliers
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