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You can find answers to common questions on the website. For example, all styles of eyelashes, all styles of boxes, all styles of tweezers, all styles of brushes, payment methods, shipping methods, express companies, etc.


Here you can briefly answer some common questions:

First, our eyelashes have 3 lengths. They are 16 mm, 20 mm and 25 mm. There are 14 styles of 16mm eyelashes, 16 styles of 20mm eyelashes, and 14 styles of 25mm eyelashes. Among them, the 16mm ES13, ES14, 20mm EM13, EM14, EM15 and EM16 are our new models.

Secondly, we classified the styles of the boxes according to their shapes. They are rectangular, square, round, diamond and other shapes. We can customize eyelash boxes and private logos. The minimum order quantity for custom eyelash boxes is 60. Regarding eyelash accessories, we currently provide eyelash tweezers and eyelash brushes, among which a personal logo can also be printed on the eyelash tweezers.

Finally, the payment methods we accept are mainly paypal and Western Union, and the courier companies we cooperate are mainly DHL, UPS and Fedex. Express delivery to the United States usually takes three to five days.But customers who have orders for custom eyelash boxes need to wait about two weeks.

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