Choose 16mm mink eyelashes to start your lash business

16mm mink eyelashes are the shortest eyelashes in all Monica eyelashes series.

Monica Lashes is a well-known mink eyelash supplier and custom eyelash box supplier in China. We have many years of experience as an eyelash supplier. Monica Eyelash has won thousands of customers with high-quality products, considerate service, fast delivery and thoughtful after-sales service.

Why choose 16mm eyelashes to start business?

Honey, if you plan to start your eyelash career, but you are still a novice, you can choose 16mm eyelashes. Because 16mm mink eyelashes people can wear that natural eyelashes in daily life. This method is not suitable for drama. People buy more and are popular in the American eyelash market. For the general population, the demand for 16mm will be greater. Many, help your eyelash business development.

Another reason for choosing 16mm style is that style is the cheapest style among mink eyelashes. If you don’t have more budget to start using, you can choose 16mm style, which is the best way to meet new people.

We continue to innovate new styles to meet the needs of every consumer under different occasions. We provide higher quality and new styles, such as 16mm eyelashes. According to the different requirements of different customers, we also provide customized eyelash packaging services. Can make your eyelash business look professional.

16mm mink lashes Catalogue

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