3D mink strip lashes will be the most popular style in 2021

Why will 3D mink strip lashes be the most popular style in 2021? They are premium, luxurious, beautiful, soft, comfortable and long-lasting premium mink eyelashes.

If you have never touched false eyelashes or 3D mink eyelashes, or only wear synthetic eyelashes instead of 3D mink eyelashes, you will be feasted.

In recent years, mink eyelashes have become very popular, especially 3D mink eyelashes. The reason is obvious. Mink 3D eyelashes are premium and luxurious eyelashes for the bottom line; they look better, more beautiful, softer, and last longer. Have you ever seen a celebrity or someone in a photo with beautiful and tiny eyelashes? They are probably wearing mink eyelashes.

One of the biggest reasons why mink eyelashes will become popular is that its quality is very good. Mink eyelashes can be worn up to 20-25 times after proper care, which is much more comfortable and healthier than synthetic eyelashes.

3D mink is mink eyelashes with 3D effect. Its lashes look fuzzy and layered. The eyelashes will not lie flat like synthetic eyelashes. Although mink eyelashes are very popular, 3D mink is more popular and sought after.

3D mink strip lashes
3D mink strip lashes

3D Mink strip lashes are not all the same.

Although 3D mink lashes are premium luxury lashes, like many products, they all are not made the same.

When buying 3D mink eyelashes, you should choose a soft cotton elastic band, because it will produce a good effect and enlarge your eyes infinitely, which is very natural. Low-quality synthetic eyelashes cannot produce such a 3D effect.

You can try to compare the difference between artificial eyelashes and 3d mink eyelashes. Not only do they feel different, they also have significantly different effects.

3D mink lashes

Monica Lashes has been in the eyelash industry for a long time and is also very experienced in distinguishing various types of eyelashes. If you see someone with attractive eyelashes in front of the camera, then she must have brought 3D mink eyelashes.

3D mink eyelashes are of much better quality than synthetic eyelashes, and they are also very comfortable to wear, but the price is a bit more expensive than synthetic eyelashes, mainly because they have a longer life and can be used 20-25 times. Many of our customers said, Once they start to wear 3D mink eyelashes, they cannot use other eyelashes.

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