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Monica Lashes is a 3D mink lash vendors Mink Eyelash Vendors and Eyelash Manufacturer mink lash vendors from China. We specialized in handcrafted 16mm lashes , 25mm Mink lashes, 20mm mink strip lashes. If you are looking for mink Lash Vendors , we are definitely your best choice!

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Monica Lashes, as a reliable Mink Lash Vendor,wholesale lashes suppliers, aims to provide high-end, healthy, fashionable and wearable lashes for customer worldwide. Beside, we keep developing new styles to meet various requirements of customers. With professional design team, we always keep our lashes at the cutting edge of fashion. With skilled workers, we can ensure the quality and timely delivery of our products. So, if you are looking for Wholesale Lashes vendors, Monica Mink Eyelash Vendors is just the one you are looking for.

Handmade 3D Multi-layer Full Mink Fur Fake Eyelash for Makeup Easy to Apply and Comfortable With Thick Flexible Band, Reusable Up To 25 Times with Proper Care Most Fashionable Full and fluffy: The band thicker more durability. The Mink fur is so real and soft, The thickness and curl of the eyelashes.

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3D Mink Lashes Description& Product feature

1 all the lashes are the latest styles
2 100% top quality Real Siberian Mink Fur which are vivid and fluffy
3 100% hand-made by skilled workers
4 3 times QC inspection, BV and SGS certification
5 more ethereal and softer
6 no harm to the eyes
7 easy to wear
8 100% genuine, Cruelty Free Mink Fur Lashes
9 lashes glue have no irritation no odor ,healthy to bodies.
10 the band is soft and thin comfortable to wear
11 3D imensional Design makes great 3d effect that gives a fluffy and flattering appearance
12 Long lasting allowing an average of 25+ applications if properly cared

How To Buy Mink Lashes From Us

As one of the largest mink lash vendors,eyelash suppliers mink eyelash manufacturer, besides having the best quality mink lashes in bulk products, we also have the best customer service in the world.

If you want to order and wholesale mink eyelashes  from us, please email us, our email is monicaminklashes@gmail.com.
Or you can send us whatsapp: +8613678896516, and we will serve you 24 hours a day.

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Of course, you can also leave a message on our website, we see that your message will send you an email. So don’t worry you can contact us in any way.
About payment methods: Our company mainly uses paypal for payment. You only need to send us the style you want and your email address. We will send you a billing request, and you can make a payment after confirmation. then we will Prepare the goods you want and arrange shipments for you. The shipment will be tracked all the way until the customer receives it.

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